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Displays play a very big role in control and managing spaces, be it a Airport, a Hotel, a mall or commercial space. People need information, guidance, entertainment, and infotainment. By using AV over IP we can control and manage all the displays within a building from location, and precisely control what is being displayed in which display and at whic time, that too from the convenience of computer or Ipad.

Efficient Content Distribution Centralized Control and Customization Scalability and Future-Readiness
The Commercial AV TV Over IP System utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) networks to efficiently distribute TV channels and multimedia content throughout the building. This IP-based approach ensures high-quality and flexible content delivery, adapting to user preferences and enabling seamless integration with other smart building systems. Administrators have centralized control over TV channels and content distribution through a user-friendly interface. This allows for real-time content updates, scheduling, and personalized channel lineups tailored to specific zones, enhancing user experiences and engagement. Designed for scalability, the system can accommodate expanding endpoints and displays without extensive infrastructure changes. Its compatibility with emerging AV and networking technologies ensures long-term adaptability, reducing costs and ensuring the building remains technologically relevant.

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