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Wired Lighting Automation

KNX Solution

KNX (Konnex) is a standardized communication protocol used for building automation and control. In KNX systems, central wiring is a fundamental concept that forms the backbone of the entire automation infrastructure.

KNX Retrofit Solution

A KNX retrofit solution refers to the process of upgrading an existing building's electrical system to automation system. by which you can control and manage your home seamlessly from anywhere without pulling wires to central DB. Just loop KNX cable to control boxes.

Wireless Lighting Automation

Retrofit IOT

IoT in residential lighting merges smart lights with the internet for remote control, convenience, and energy savings, integrating with other smart devices.

Flush mount

Flush mount automation devices discreetly upgrade your existing system without replacing switches in homes or offices.


We leverage a wide spectrum of leading technologies including KNX, DALI, Zwave, Zigbee, Casambi, Free@home, and IoT to deliver holistic solutions tailored to diverse customer requirements, spanning residential, commercial, and hospitality settings.

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